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What would you say to a mix of business and magic in the most vision-inspired city in the world?

We offer the unique experience of Venice.
Treat yourself to a weekend given over to the hottest topics of discussion in the optics world in an open atmosphere with exchange of opinions and sharing of feelings among the participants. The group is restricted, because magic is for the few, not the many.
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Aimed at:

Entrepreneurs and their wingmen

How it works:

Two days in Venice with Nicola di Lernia and guests in lecture rooms and at the restaurant.

Venice Master Class Weekend

Optic 4.0 - the consumer and the “post trauma“ market.

Two days centred round company strategy, action plans on the market and turnover.

The Venice Master Class Weekend runs for 6 months. The top arguments looked at online will be revisited and dealt with in the lecture rooms by a restricted number of people. The aim is to give a complete and unique panorama of the Italian optics world, as well as to provide the participants with key readings and action plans that can be put into practice immediately. This opportunity to speak to Nicola di Lernia, his guests and his colleagues will be your top event of the year.

Start: last weekend in September 2020

YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE A COPY OF NDL’S personal tales of Venice,
“My First Bellini at Harry’s Bar“

Pearls of Wisdom

I like to call my wise little sayings “Pearls”. They are precious to me, and I trust they will be to you too. They put forward a different point of view, illuminate a discussion, and will inject a sense of innovation into your everyday activities. They are greatly appreciated in my field. They speak to your heart and mind directly. .

Why don’t you exercise your mind every week ? You can receive my special pearls through the post.

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