Tailor-made Projects



One of Nicola di Lernia’s greatest abilities is knowing how to create a tailor-made project, and bring it to a happy conclusion.

He receives the briefing, then re-designs it so that it flows smoothly like a river (strategy) into the sea (aim) together with its tributaries (tools). He explains each step as he deals with it in person.

His second great attribute is to give an artistic touch to each project. Nicola has worked for years with prestigious cultural organisations in Venice, and has introduced them to the ideas of Marketing and Customer Care. This has been invaluable to them in putting on events.
Now it is the opposite. It is Art which helps Marketing to be not only rational but exciting, to arouse the feelings of those involved in decision-making. As Picasso said, “Learn the rules until you’re an expert, then as an artist you can break them.”


Aimed at:

Companies and retail organised by the optic world; family chains

How it works:

360° action

Every project is a work of art, unique and irrepeatable

Ndl’s method in order to achieve an unforgettable result in big projects.

1. Briefing (from the client) and contradictory counter briefing from Nicola di Lernia
2. Course of events written on a small bit of paper or on the board
3. Identification and intensely -focussed management of the event or project.
4. Calculation of validity of idea, and its impact on the public; improvements on the work in progress
5. Critical analysis of the results and evaluation of WOW effect
Among the prestigious events to which Nicola di Lernia has contributed, we remember particularly the big exhibition on the publicity of Eyewear commissioned by MIDO in 2017, “The Glasses Hype“.
Nicola was in charge of the catalogue and the mounting of the exhibition. We remember The Progressive Business Forum in Florence when Nicola was in overall charge of the event, as well as leading it, and providing most of its contents. Finally “The Visionaries” by Hoya in January 2020 where they ratified the exciting, emotive input suggested by Nicola.


Pearls of Wisdom

I like to call my wise little sayings “Pearls”. They are precious to me, and I trust they will be to you too. They put forward a different point of view, illuminate a discussion, and will inject a sense of innovation into your everyday activities. They are greatly appreciated in my field. They speak to your heart and mind directly. .

Why don’t you exercise your mind every week ? You can receive my special pearls through the post.

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