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When I look back on my thirty successful years of Marketing , I really feel a celebration is called for.
Because Marketing , inexact science as it is , has required all my intelligence , insight , sensitivity , and , above all , vision .
Speaking of vision , I have to say that being born in Venice gave me a head start . Venice……a city constructed out of the most amazing , unique vision. And we Venetians are lucky to live this vision daily.
My road into Marketing wasn’t a straightforward one . In my final years of school, I was inspired by a great teacher to go on and do an Honours degree in Literature and Philosophy.

This pleased my mother enormously : she had me earmarked for a career in Law . So she frowned on my incipient desires to go into Marketing and Communications.
My father , though , was modern , forward-looking , a man of vision , and he encouraged me to launch myself into this new world of Marketing.
I inherited a great deal of my father’s DNA. I learned to be a risk-taker, to dare to do pioneer work in my field.
I realised that Marketing wasn’t an arid study . To really succeed , I had to reach the hearts of people.
Feelings, after all, are what distinguishes us from machines, which in the end are no more than a useful tool.. But in order to study people’s psychological make-up , we have to be ready to move out of OUR comfort zone.

Nicola with mum Terry e dad Ninetto

Nicola and his Venice

Nicola and Arrigo Cipriani patron of Harry’s Bar

Pearls of Wisdom

I like to call my wise little sayings “Pearls”. They are precious to me, and I trust they will be to you too. They put forward a different point of view, illuminate a discussion, and will inject a sense of innovation into your everyday activities. They are greatly appreciated in my field. They speak to your heart and mind directly. .

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