19 Giugno 2020

Technology is nothing without creativity and thought

During lockdown there was an explosion of smart phone use and on-line meetings using Zoom and go to Webinar. This mass experiment was born out of […]
12 Giugno 2020

Do you have a plan C for this autumn?

The stock exchanges throughout the world plummeted, thanks to the information from reliable sources which predict a second wave of Covid-19 in the autumn. If this […]
7 Giugno 2020

The Pandemic Has Toothache!

Covid has hit some professions much harder than the opticians. Small dental studios and newly – established chains are both suffering. The parallels with the optics […]
31 Maggio 2020

The Challenge of Contact Lenses post-Covid

It has seemed very important for those in the contact lenses sector to claim it is they who were most valuable to both opticians and clients […]
18 Maggio 2020

From “The Tribe of Consumers” from Sitting Bull to Steve Jobs

From “The Tribe of Consumers” from Sitting Bull to Steve Jobs “Reversible“ is a term we have learnt from the big names in the clothing industry. […]
12 Maggio 2020

Reverse, Reset, Contactless, Adapt and Change e Revenge

Nicola di Lernia’s latest book hypothesises on consumerism after the pandemic . It is like having a bet on the end while knowing the assassin from […]

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