SENSITIVE yet DETERMINEDClaudio Aldegheri - co-owner of Ottica Benetti

Nicola is a true professional who has helped me a great deal. I have been energized by his appreciation of my work, and because of him, I have been inspired to improve my own skills. Sensitivity and empathy lie at the heart of his approach, and are fundamental to intuiting just how much energy he needs to transmit to his team. He is also excellent at channelling their ideas and passions. Simple and direct in his message, he is nevertheless determined in his own quiet, understated way. One thing: he is always original, never banal. He is, in my opinion, a champion in his field, and, since I come from Milan, I would like to re- name him the Pippo Inzaghi of the optics world!


CREATIVE e CONCRETE • Massimo Barberis - Chief Executive Oxo Italia

Nicola embodies the expression of two apparently contradictory ways of being : creative and practical . The fact he is “visionary", in the noblest sense of the word, has a great deal to do with his being an inhabitant of the Lagoon . The population of Venice are active and practical, yet are endowed with great gifts of imagination and invention. A new vision and new business models have been introduced by Nicola onto the optics market, and he has managed to do this because of his thorough knowledge of the sector, its history and its culture. I feel that Pablo Picasso’s celebrated words are particularly apt to sum up Nicola’s personality: “ Learn the rules in order to become an expert, and then when you are an artist, you can break them.”


SIMPLE and CLEAR, yet PROFOUND • Fabrizio Brogi - President NAU!

1. If NDL were a car, what car would he be?
A Morgan 8 Plus, white or silver.
2. A professional pro/contro of NDL?
He is easy to understand, yet he is profound. Sometimes he’s a dreamer, like a true Romantic.
3. What is it like working with NDL?
We have not had much experience of working together, but he has always been up-beat and constructive.


PASSIONATE and A GREAT LISTENER • Dante Caretti - Creative Director DATE Eyewear

I remember an interview with Nicola in Milan. Him, me, a good bottle of wine from Friuli, and it was as if we’d been friends all our life! I was impressed by his excellent preparation as a journalist, but also by his ability to listen and his willingness to share thoughts. You can see the passion for his work in his eyes, and in his whole way of being. I am very happy to have met him, on both a professional and a personal level.

STIMULATING and INTUITIVE • Marco Carminati - President of OXO Italia - Owner Foto Ottica Carminati

Nicola and I met in 2013 on a course organized for Oxo Bergamo which I was proud to be a part of.
Actually, he only made a fleeting appearance because he had other more important things to attend to than follow the proceedings in person. However, it needed no time for me to intuit that he was a man of great depth. It was this that made me seek him out 2 years later to ask him to help me on some projects that were swirling round in my head. His collaboration was really important to me. Nicola’s thorough analyses of the Italian and European markets underpin his different styles of working. This sound base of knowledge also gives him the freedom to be imaginative and intuitive.
He adapts well to different circumstances. One time he will tell you to put your foot on the accelerator, the next to hold back in order to avoid pitfalls. Like all good consultants, he does not take over from the company director, but engages in real dialogue with him. He also does this with his teams. This helps to encourage personal growth and to facilitate group development, which is obviously valuable to both the individual and the company. Every now and then he is a little too refined., and you have to bring him down to earth in order to discuss what is realistically possible for the company! Like all people who love beauty, he loves Art, good books and fine cuisine. An excellent journalist, and above all a Venetian D.O.C.

ENTHUSIASTIC and a bit CRAZY • Luca Ciavarra - Executive Manager Gruppo +VISTA

People always listen carefully to Nicola. We admire him so much that we are even prepared to take his poetic vision into consideration, and try to make it work in reality! This is a bit like throwing ideas and suggestions into the mixer, whirling them around, and waiting for new solutions to emerge. He makes every project a special experience, and we try to hold on to these experiences to help us in our work with clients and colleagues. Nicola’s team/colleagues are enthusiastic about his vast knowledge and his communication skills. He can show them what excellence on the optics market really is. He may sometimes upset people with his alternative ways of thinking and working. However, as far as I am concerned, I would like to say, “Long live the person who stirs things up! “

VALUABLE and INFLUENTIAL • Domenico Concato - Owner Punto Ottico

Nicola is valuable! Valuable because he recognizes the work you do, and that helps your self-esteem. Valuable because he helps you to increase the importance of your company. Valuable because he is creating a group of people who will promote independent opticians, which is so important.
Independent means being able to choose your own projects, and selling what you want without being influenced by the “gurus” in the business. Nicola is truly independent, which is what makes him stand out from the other promoters.

AUTHORITATIVE and COLLABORATIVE • Giulio Velati - Owner Ottica Velati

1. If NDL were a car, what would he be?
2. Pros and contros of NDL as a professional?
Pro: authority -  contro: when he makes an aperitif, he never invites friends.
3. How do you work with NDL ?
In a spirit of collaboration.

ORIGINAL e STIMULATING • Paolo Fonelli - Strategic Director NetCity srl

It is both easy and difficult to speak about Nicola. It is easy to strike up a relationship with him built on mutual understanding, and then be able to relax and enjoy all the interesting conversations. However, it is difficult to describe an elusive character like Nicola who is so used to describing others. One risks becoming banal and using the usual worn-out compliments. These he certainly does not need! I worked recently on a project, and got to know him better. I really appreciated his sensitivity and his vast culture, which is unusual in our line of business. You could use adjectives like “ friendly ” and “ open ”, but what really makes him stand out is his originality. He is never banal. And another of his good points is he does not show off his vast culture at the expense of others. If I think about a car, he would be a Citroen from the 70 s, a Pallas, which for its time was extremely comfortable, especially because of its exclusive hydraulic suspensions which ensured comfort on long journeys. It has a very elegant line, sober yet youthful. It is also suitable for the more mature driver who wants a reliable performance over time. It is a real pleasure to work with Nicola because he suggests new ways of giving life to new projects, and provides constant stimuli to achieve quality. It is also a pleasure to work with Nicola on the human level, thanks to his respect and genuine interest in the opinions of others. His constant search for synthesis and synergy lie behind his efforts to establish a harmonious way of working. Can I add that even his name, Nicola di Lernia, is a synthesis of roots from our south mixed with a life steeped in the culture and atmosphere of the most splendid Venice.


VISIONARY with an ELEGANCE • Francesco Gili - Chief Operating Officer MIDO


Nicola is an elegant, “dandy" visionary, who looks beyond the horizon, beyond the seas, in search of new journeys and territories. He has a real elegance of expression, which is certainly not to be taken for granted in this day of badly expressed banalities on social media. I do not always agree with his strongly held views and sharp comment, and not because they often go against the current. But then these differences become part of our discussions, and conflict can give rise to new ideas and strategies. With Nicola, real dialogue, even when heated and passionate, is always possible. In the end, what I appreciate most in Nicola is his ability and desire to listen to and give weight to the opinions of others.


INTUITIVE and COLLABORATIVE • Angelo Magri - Editor-in-chief B2Eyes

If Nicola were a car, he would be a 500. Traditional yet contemporary, given to unexpected outbursts and inevitable stallings; up-to -date, yet rooted in the culture of its land. Nicola has unexpected flashes of intuition which come from his great capacity to reflect on a topic… provided he fi nds it interesting!His ego is an engine, that does not ever stop him helping others. He always backs original ideas, he is always open to feelings and he is always tenacious. Except when the engine runs too fast in his head!


SINCERE and OPTIMISTIC • Giancarlo Montani - Professor of Optics and Optometry

Meeting with Nicola is always a pleasure, always stimulating, and I appreciate the sincerity of his opinions that inform his judgments. His critical analyses are always his starting point for thinking constructively, never an end in themselves. When we have worked together, there has been a synergy from the start, which undoubtedly has helped us to resolve our differences.

PROFESSIONAL and INNOVATIVE • Pierina Moribondo - General SecretaryAssogruppi

To work with Nicola does not only mean working with an expert communicator. Above all it means working with a professional who can reinterpret and evaluate a project. He brings it something original without detracting from its essential spirit and the philosophy that informs it.

BRILLIANT and RESOLUTE • Stefania Morrone - Director NetCity

Nicola has the great gift of never being boring! Unusually in our line of work, he manages to keep a touch of originality even when he is speaking or writing about well -known topics. He always finds something new, be it a different way of starting a project, or a thought that turns into an idea. He is resolute, direct, and expresses himself clearly and openly, and at the same time he has great respect for the opinions of others. His knowledge and his constant research into what is new, make him a s uccessful professional in tune with the times.It is always highly enjoyable and exciting to work with Nicola.



VISIONARY and FIERY • Anna Maria Nicolini - Hoya

Nicola’s strength lies in an ever-present curiosity to learn about and experiment with the new. Professionality, passion and positive thinking characterise his unique approach to reinterpreting and even reinventing the optics world.

VALUABLE and EFFICIENT • Diego Ponzin - Director Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto

Nicola tries to enrich the optics market with cultural content. He tries to invest the business world with humane values. He tries to make it into a world that cares about people’s health and well-being.

ECLECTIC and ARTISTIC • Marco Procacciante - Managing Director Vision Group spa

I met Nicola many years ago when I was embarking on my own journey to become an entrepreneur. I remember being impressed by his way of presenting himself and by his lateral thinking. He is creative, engaging and stimulating. Today, as then, I find it difficult to classify him, even after many shared experiences. He is a journalist, an educator, writer and consultant, yet none of these professions can fully describe him. Nicola is actually an artist who has fallen in love with our sector, the real Peter Pan of marketing and the Italian world of optics.


COMPETENT and COMMUNICATIVE• Gianmario Reverdy - Professor of Optics and Optometry

Real ability in the field, excellent communicative skills and dedication are the 3 essential qualities for a professional. Nicola has these plus perseverance and tenacity.

FAR-SIGHTED and DETERMINED • Sergio Silingardi - Owner Ottica Moderna

Opticians have always been technicians, i.e. professionals with their feet on the ground. They have lived in a well-to-do, non-demanding environment. However, our world changed a good while back, and Nicola has been able to understand this change. Can you say he is a visionary, a clairvoyant, a Verne of the optics world? I do not know. What I do know is that he has worked with our firm for some time now, and I wish I had met him sooner.


PROFESSIONAL and CONSTRUCTIVE • Germana Vendrame - Sales Manager Vision Adria

Nicola is THE consummate professional in the optics world. We have worked together now for ten years, and during this time our professional relationship has grown into one of friendship. Luckily it is a friendship that is intelligent enough not to interfere with our work. Nicola is one of the few professionals in optics who can talk authoritatively on any topic, whether it is about a product, marketing, or partnerships.
He has the rare gift of listening to others, and can always find something of value in the most tentative or disconnected thoughts of colleagues. Such a figure is bound to arouse love or hate, but he keeps calm in his Venetian way, and he manages to steer his fellow workers away from arguments. He has the right answer at the right time , and he always makes things work! I have learnt a lot from Nicola, both personally and professionally. So thank you to Nicola the professional, and thank you to Nicola the friend!

AN EXPLORER and also INTRIGUING • Michele Villotti General Manager Rodenstock Italia

I am happy to be able to express my admiration for Nicola. Our professional relationship has continued to develop over the few years we have known each other. With his interest in education and communication, Nicola is a new kind of figure in our field, and we really need this. Curious about new ways of doing things, Nicola seems very far from our usual professional world. He wants us to share in his “ vision “, and he wants us to have more enriching experiences, and this makes him a very modern man. Like a tight-rope walker, he holds the rational /emotional and the technical/humanistic axes in perfect balance. He certainly makes you pause and reflect.

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