You already know how to speak in public, and therefore you think you are ready to manage your own Webinar? A great idea, but it would be a mistake!

A Webinar does not mean speaking to a camera on the PC to x number of people for x amount of time. A Webinar is like a newspaper article made up of a line of thought, a time-scheme, a graphic design and a voice over.

If my Webinars succeed in holding the attention of almost 100% of my participants, the reason lies in my preparation. If 90% of my participants do nothing else during my Webinar, like opening their mail, or surfing the internet, my success lies in the pace of my discussion and the stimulating questions they have to respond to. My Webinars all have my signature on them, like a painting. And like a painting they present a general view, but full of details for those able to grasp them.

Pearls of Wisdom

I like to call my wise little sayings “Pearls”. They are precious to me, and I trust they will be to you too. They put forward a different point of view, illuminate a discussion, and will inject a sense of innovation into your everyday activities. They are greatly appreciated in my field. They speak to your heart and mind directly. .

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